Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Much Needed Break

I've been away for awhile, focusing on family, getting physically healthy, and working to make some goals a reality. I also took a break from booking photo sessions over the New Year so I could focus my technical skills, Photoshop and creativity. The one thing that hasn't left me is the passion I have for photography. I feel stronger and better than ever about my talent, I'm even more inspired to follow my dream to be an artist. This is my year to really push the limits and now that I understand my camera inside and out, I don't have to worry about fumbling through camera settings for the correct exposure or forgetting to set the ISO and white balance. I can FEEL my way through a session, looking for the inspiration and visualizing the look I want. There's so much to a photograph, I truly believe the eyes are the mirror to the soul (as cliche as it may sound) and you can read that in a picture. A truly good photographer is one that captures the feeling behind the eyes, who captures the soul... THAT is what I want for myself and my clients this year... We'll see how it goes.. :-)

A lot of us make New Years resolutions. I made a few this year that were really important to me and not to be broken. I set goals for myself, for my family and for this business that I want to see to fruition but its going to take hard work and some heart. I believe that publicizing a resolution or goal holds you accountable, especially to those who don't forget! While I still work hard to improve, I'm still not where I want to be.... but then again, I am rarely where I want to be and rarely satisfied!

One of the resolutions is to share more of who I am on this blog. I have focused primarily on the photo session but you can see that on the website. I want to share what goes on behind the scenes, share my story, my journey, successes and even failures.

With that.... I want to introduce two of the people I love the most in this world... I have no recent photos of my husband and nothing in this world makes my heart smile more than watching him interact with our daughter...

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Wendi said...

Love those! The first one is really nice!!