Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bean's Birthday Party!

Our littlest Bean turned two... I look at my 17 year old and remember when he was just two. The cliche "time flies" sounds so overused and and doesn't really resonate until you've watched your child grow into an adult and realize the time really does fly by. I cherish every single moment of Bean's babyhood because before I know it, she'll be 17.... I want to just hang onto her and never let her grow up! :-(
We had a great time celebrating... the kids had a blast!
She hated her princess hat! HA HA!!!

Here are some of the kids from the party... they were so cute... :-)

I just HAVE to get a photoshoot with this little girl, she's ADORABLE!

Our pregnant friends Heather and Justin... I am going to do their maternity and newborn portraits! :-)

Hannah Bean wanted to touch the baby.....

Hannah's presents... Hannah's new best friend Samantha...

More children from the party....

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