Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun in the sun!

My older kids are so good with their baby sister... As I sit here posting Bean is looking at the photos saying "HI CHRIS!" ... Her big brother Chris played with her at the pool yesterday, he takes so much time to teach and laugh with her... all three of them do... Bean is so fortunate to have a big sister and two big brothers who love her, play with her and enjoy her as much as we do!

Yesterday Aaron, the kids and I went to the pool at our community clubhouse... my kids love to swim and Bean loves the water! I love her little yellow bikini and her big belly sticking out... I want her to stay my little baby :-( The other three grew up way too fast!

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Emily Heizer said...

Bean looks SO GROWN UP! She's not a baby anymore, that's a big toddler girl!